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Strings. Design and production of wrapped strings

I offer a complete range of services regarding wrapped (or wound, or covered) strings for early pianos and clavichords, from designing an entire set of strings when the originals are missing to making the strings themselves. I can wrap copper on brass or iron cores, with both open and closed spirals, on lengths up to 280 cm. I will reproduce any original hitchpin loop desired. I pre-stress the core strings to 80% breaking tension before they are wrapped in order to stretch the wire as well as make sure there is no unexpected breaking after wrapping. I also find that pre-stressing brass cores makes the sound immediately bright, eliminating the normal 4 to 6 months required for full tonal development. During the wrapping process, the cores are kept at constant tension by weight loading, a technique used by ancient makers which assures constant sufficient force without over-stressing the core. Please inquire regarding pricing.

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