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Here you can find some short MP3 samples both either instruments I have made and some of the originals I copy.

In our quest to rediscover the sound of the Viennese Classical fortepiano, one of the best sources of information is how the composers used the piano in combination with other instruments. For this reason, I feel the real test of any modern instrument is how well it works in ensemble literature of the period. Therefore, all the examples here are of fortepiano in a chamber music setting.

Lieder is of course one of the crowning glories of Classical music from German-speaking lands, and the fortepiano's clear, transparent sound, its rich variety of texture, and its ability to rapidly change character and dynamic make it the ideal instrument for supporting the singer and the emotive content of the text. The pianist can play with all the passion and fire he desires and never has to worry about overpowering the voice.


These two samples are from the CD Kennst du das Land?, Schubert sung by Johanette Zomer accompanied by Arthur Schoonderwoerd on his 5 octave Walter copy. You can order the CD from Alpha Productions.


The next sample is from a live concert recorded for the Dutch radio network KRO as part of their Avondconcert series on a cold and snowy evening in the Waalse church in Leiden in April of 2002. The 6 1/2 octave Graf copy was brand new at the time. Once again the musicians are Arthur Schoonderwoerd and Johanette Zomer.

From the same concert, two snippets of Beethoven's "Ghost" Trio. The violinist is Graf Mourja and the cellist is Mime Yamahiro.


Finally, a few samples of the original 6 octave Fritz which Chris Clarke and I restored, owned by Michel Kiener who plays on this CD along with Brigitte Buxtorf, traverso, Alberto Guerra, bassoon. You can order the CD from Amarcordes

The cuts are from Beethoven's Trio concertant for piano, flute and bassoon in D Major.