Tuning and Temperaments

I have been researching and working with historical tunings and temperaments almost as long as I have been involved with historical instruments. Over the years, I have been engaged by numerous musicians, orchestras, and festivals to tune harpsichords, fortepianos, and small organs for concerts and recordings; tuning is one of the professional services I offer. I can also provide my clients with advice on temperament selection, drawing from an extensive library of both historical and hypothetical reconstructed temperaments.

In this section of my website, I intend to share the insight and understanding of this complex topic which is the result of my extensive experience combined with my ongoing research in the area of historical documents. The information provided here will be divided into two groups:

  1. Practical information on tuning for owners of historical instruments

  2. Historical information about temperaments

Naturally, this represents a vast amount of information, and this section will continue to grow and evolve as time goes by.

My previously available pamphlet, Temperaments for Dummies, has been temporarily withdrawn while I rewrite it to bring it into agreement with the latest research. If you would like to be notified when the new version is ready, please submit the mailing list form on the Contact page.