All the “correct” or “good” temperaments published in the 1681 and 1691 works have narrow fifths tempered by fractions of the Syntonic comma… not the Pythagorean comma! This is easily proven by a careful examination of his monochord diagrams. Most modern sources “correct” this “error” by substituting the Pythagorean comma. Here, however, Werckmeister’s actual indications have been followed to the letter. This means that not all of the supposedly-pure fifths can be truly pure, as the Schisma must be accounted for somewhere. Werckmeister gave no indication of precisely where that should be done, so I’ve spread it among various ostensibly-”pure” fifths, according to the temperament. The indication -0,3 or -0,4 means that these fifths are in fact ever so slightly narrow, though they don’t really beat.

Werckmeister III correct

Werckmeister IV correct

Werckmeister V correct