People are always asking me which electronic tuner I recommend. These days, I have to say, “None!” Buying a dedicated electronic device just to tune your harpsichord, fortepiano, or organ is a complete waste of money. Just buy a smartphone! Even if you don’t want to pay the extra monthly charges to have mobile internet, you’ll still probably spend less money and have a far better tuner than any other option. The advantages of a smartphone are several:

1. You probably carry a phone anyway, so why not have one that doubles as a tuner?

2. Since it’s software that does the work, you’ll be able to upgrade as new and better versions become available. With a dedicated device, you’re stuck with whatever precision and capabilities it has – forever!

3. While the current software is not perfect, it is already far better than the most popular dedicated device, the Korg OT-12.

There are a number of software solutions on the market, and after investigating the various options, my recommendation is Bitcount’s Cleartune, available for the iPhone as well as phones running Android.