Recently, one of my students of the Master in Musica Antiga program at ESMUC asked me if I had a graphic comparison of all of the different temperaments to help musicians quickly decide which ones would be better for a certain body of literature. I’d never done that before, but it seemed a good idea. Only questions was, what sort of graphical representation would be easy to understand visually? After playing around a bit, I finally decided on these color-coded lists, which provide both general and precise indications, general being the color and precise being the cents tempering values. Note: the colors are generated using conditional formating based on the cents values and are intended to reflect audible quality only; therefore the values for the tempering of the fifths do not indicate whether the tempering is positive or negative (i.e. larger or smaller than pure), only the degree of deviation from pure.

Click on the image to download a high-res copy in PDF.